These days, there’s a lot more to a university education than obtaining a world class qualification alone. Here’s how we prepare our students for university and the world of work:
Development of employability skills: It’s not just a degree employers look for. A GlobalTrust Academy student gains self-confidence, communication, initiative, team work and time management skills. Interest and experience in their future study courses: Have a look at how we prepare our Alumni for their university courses before they leave school. Improved career prospects: A higher education is a gateway to jobs in the future. Many organization’s around the world employ GlobalTrust Academy Alumni. With thousands of contacts all over the world, your child will find a connection wherever their career takes them.

Development of personal and social skills: GlobalTrust Academy instill the best in our students to succeed in life.. With a GlobalTrust Academy education, your child will not just become a conscientious student, they’ll also gain the confidence and independence to thrive at home, university and at work.

Whether we are lucky enough to teach your child for a few years or many more, the lessons they learn at GlobalTrust Academy will remain with them for the rest of their lives.