Student Engagement 

We meet each student where they are and help them thrive from their unique beginning. While the majority of students entering GlobalTrust Academy above academic skills at or above grade level. Are students seeking a unique and global experience in their K-8 to K12 and transition programs towards higher education attainment a major colleges and universities around the world. 

Our goal is to prepare them comprehensivily in the Demand Occupations for the 21 Century professional careers in Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics-STEM. GlobalTrust Academy as a core educational program will prepare students in Global International Studies. Are intent as a global educational institution, is to prepare our students for the Twenty First Careers through each step of their education. We teach them to understand themselves and the futures they have the power to create. 

All students learn best when they feel safe, cared for, engaged, and confident in themselves as learners. We believe in building positive, authentic relationships as the key to unlocking the incredible potential for each and every student under our care. 

For more detailed information on specific programs, please call us to take a tour and meet our staff contact us at info@globsltrustacademy.org