Envisioned Campus Network 

Expansion Planning

We are looking to explore the opportunity of developing  GlobalTrust Academy campus locations globally in the below referenced geographic countries. We are excited to have the opportunity to grow and scale GlobalTrust Academies’ network of schools to educate and impact tens of thousands of students. We envision having 70 campuses worldwide. 

 Expansion markets for GlobalTrust Academy locations are:


Asia Pacific 


Dubai / UAE


Middle East 

Latin America 

United States and Canada 

Expansion Strategic Planning

We are looking to locate the school locations in the beginning stage in existing buildings or previously occupied schools sites. Key factors in school site selection can the building meet local government approvals. In developing our strategic partnerships we are looking to  install GlobalTrust Academy as a strategic partnership, utilizing our branding, systems and technologies to further enhance the educational opportunities for students and youth in your market. 

Social Impact Business Partners 

We are seeking to partner with experienced educators, training executives, administrators and teachers in our selected growth markets. We expect the leaders that we partner with to know and understand the business of education and the market demands. Our heart is to make a difference in the lives of the students for reaching higher in their educational attainment.  

If this quest of ours is something that you desire to explore, we are open to further discussion. 

All the Best,

Terry Williams