Orientation Process 

GlobalTrust Academy’s Orientation Process

Approximately two weeks before the enrollment start date, each student receives access to our online orientation course.

The GlobalTrust Academies onboarding experience helps students and their families begin the transition to online learning. It was developed to be a road map with all the necessary tools to ensure that each student has a rich and positive experience.

Our onboarding experience includes online courses and live information sessions hosted by our Student Services department.

During the orientation course, students and families learn about navigating through their courses and the grade book in order to maximize their learning experience

Creating a personal schedule and time management plan based on individual needs, learning style, and extracurricular commitments.

Getting involved in collaborative learning and social life opportunities, including extracurricular clubs and our private online social network.

Guidelines and expectations to achieve success within the flexible and supportive GlobalTrust Academy learning environment.

How to nurture the relationship and communication with their teachers. Where to get help and how to ask questions

Throughout enrollment and beyond, we provide resources and live online sessions to help families become familiar with our learning systems, teacher services, technology, and social life. We are here to fully support each of our students and their family.