Language and Culture

When your child attends GlobalTrust Academy they will be learning from diverse students from around the world. As they travel on GlobalTrust Expeditions they will gain first hand experience in being engaged in projects. 

 Performing and Creative Arts 

When a GlobalTrust Academy student steps on stage, you’ll see them involved in a whole spectrum of performing and creative arts. Dance, theatre, performance, music. We nurture and encourage energetic creativity at GlobalTrust Academy.

 Science & Digital Technology  

Technology, like science, inspires GlobalTrust Academy students to think and form questions based upon what they see and learn. Computes clubs, STEM competitions and digital literacy skills sessions. With enriching activities offered at Global Trust Academy were developing the digital innovators and technology experts of the future.

 Sports & Adventures 

When GlobalTrust Academy students step outside of their classrooms you’ll see them involved in a whole spectrum of sports and exciting adventures. Team sports, individual sports and travel exhibitions and adventures with fellow students adventures memories that will last a lifetime.